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NopCommerce Version: 4.10

Previous Next Product

Previous Next product enable to user navigate to next or previous product within same category.
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Bundled Discounts Plugin

Bundled Discounts Plug-in for nopCommerce enables the store owner to enhance sales by offering discounts on purchase of additional products along with the one that customer wants to buy.
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Universal SMS Plugin

Universal SMS Plugin provides extensive ways of sending voice or text notification messages to all over world. You can add country specific SMS API's or use single API for all countries. We provide you pre-defined message templates which you can edit as per your need.
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nopAccelerate Plus Search

nopAccelerate Plus Makes your e-commerce businesses faster, more scalable and reliable that enables to create rapid product search and discovery experiences to your customers that will fall in love with it.
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nopAccelerate CDN

Make your nopCommerce website load fast. Integrates CDN with nopCommerce to load static resources from CDN network.
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Quick View Plugin

Quick View plugin allows user to view product overview in pop-up instead of redirect to product detail page.
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Universal Product Ribbon Plugin

The Product Ribbons allow store owners to add ribbons with text and images to the various products in their nopCommerce store
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