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NopCommerce Version: 3.90

nop Audit Log Plugin

Enables store owners to track changes and revert changes already made specially in Product entity and it’s related entities such as Category, Manufacturer, Vendor and Specification Attributes.
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nopBackup Plugin

nopCommerce Backup Plugin with scheduled Database Backup to Local or Google Drive and more. Works with Local as well as Remote Servers.
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Popup Engage Plugin

NopCommerce Popup Engage pluign is based on exit intent. When a customer adds product to their shopping cart and tries to leave without checkout, Our Popup Engage plugin pops up a window asking customer to subscribe via their email address if the customer is not logged into store.
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Universal SMS Plugin

Universal SMS Plugin provides extensive ways of sending voice or text notification messages to all over world. You can add country specific SMS API's or use single API for all countries. We provide you pre-defined message templates which you can edit as per your need.
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WhatsAppShare Plugin

WhatsApp Share Plugin is developed with a goal to enable nopCommerce Store Owners to benefit increasing usage of mobile commerce now-a-days. Our plugin supports almost all hand-held devices and their browsers where WhatsApp can also be installed.
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HelloBar Plugin

Display promotion and news on top of the store
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nopAccelerate CDN

Make your nopCommerce website load fast. Integrates CDN with nopCommerce to load static resources from CDN network.
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nopAccelerate REST Web Services API Plugin

nopCommerce Web Services API plugin implemented as per REST standards. It enables you to access client side services as standard RESTful architecture which can be used to build mobile app or any other Web Services based client application. Moreover, it is secured using JWT (JSON Web Token).
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