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NopCommerce Version: 3.80

Universal ZipCode Plugin

Restrict COD and Shipping to certain ZIP Codes and add a check in on the product page
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Admin Theme and Menu Changer Plugin

Admin Theme & Menu Changer NopCommerce Plugin provides configuration to change admin theme, menu style and logo. This plugin now provides six different color options which are admin theme default in nopCommerce 3.80, 3.90, 4.00 and 4.10
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Auto Guest Register Plugin

Provides feature to register guest customers automatically and notify the guest customer with the Password while registering automatically.
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Bootswatch Theme & Plugin

Bootswatch Theme is beautiful and simple nopCommerce theme in 18 different color-patterns build using Bootstrap UI Framework using HTML5 & CSS3.
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Bundled Discounts Plugin

Bundled Discounts Plug-in for nopCommerce enables the store owner to enhance sales by offering discounts on purchase of additional products along with the one that customer wants to buy.
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Display Reward Points Plugin

The Display Reward Points Plugin provides functionality for displaying reward points on product detail page that the customer will gain on buying the product.
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EditThis Plugin

EditThis NopCommerce plugin displays an edit button for products on category/catalog page, product detail page, category/catalog page, topic page contents, blog detail page only when logged in user is allowed to edit content based on roles assigned in plugin configuration.
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EMI Options Plugin

Allow store owner to display EMI tenure (months), bank interest rate(%), monthly installments and total money with specific banks on the product detail page using a pop-up window. Store owner can set general terms and conditions that will display with EMI table for selected bank(s).
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HDFC Payment Plugin

HDFC Payment Plugin provides facilities for online payment with HDFC bank. It facilitates online purchases from a merchant's website and helps them to collect payment from the end customers through net banking, credit and debit cards etc.
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nop Audit Log Plugin

Enables store owners to track changes and revert changes already made specially in Product entity and it’s related entities such as Category, Manufacturer, Vendor and Specification Attributes.
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