Same Results appearing in Search Drop Down

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When searching for something on my site, I have noticed multiple of the same results appearing. For example, if I search for 'tshirt', the first 3 results are 'tshirt in All Categories' before finally showing products after those results. Is there some way to eliminate those initial results. I have already tried clearing the SearchTerm table in the database as well as restarting the server and Solr instance.
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Dear Sir,

Sorry for inconvenience caused to you.

Please clean records from "NopAccelerateSearchTermLog" table too. Whenever you search the search terms will be added in the this table.If you do not want to display those autocomplete search terms you can add a scheduler task in database which can clean the records as per your requirement.  

This will definitely help you.

Ankita Rana
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Hello Sir,

Glad to say that I have shared your concern with my management team and they have decided to add a configuration which will allow you to enable/disable the setting to display those Search Term.

We will soon release the plugin and update you.
Thank you so much for sharing this concern with us.

Ankita Rana